What Makes a Digital Camcorder Special?

Photography has become a fine art and photographers increasingly rely on devices like the digital camcorders to bring out a life like quality to pictures. There are so many minute specifications and adjustments embedded into these cameras that the end result is simply astonishing. If digital cameras are an improvement on the old cameras, then the digital camcorders are a neat combination of digital camera and a camcorder. They are special because they can capture both still images and videos.Thanks to the digital camcorder even amateur photographers can produce photographs of a professional quality. Before capturing a picture the viewfinder will help us to view the picture in all the glory of a colour print. Adjustment therefore becomes very simple. An LCD display a little more than 2.5 inches offers us high quality results.There is also a compact recording device that is supported by the HDD format. The memory stick duo is a flash memory card that helps us to store data. Images can be zoomed optically or digitally using the zoom lens. A mini DV cassette is used as storage media in some brands. The storage media can be maintained with the help of a head cleaner. More images and video clips can saved using the multi media card and secure digital card.There are features like the touch screen control, built in speakers, auto power save, progressive shutter system etc in a digital camcorder. There is also a digital noise reduction feature to filter the unwanted disturbance in the audio recording. There are advanced shooting modes like beach and snow, frame movie, spotlight, digital photo and manual. The special effects are art, auto fade, mirror, mosaics, slim stretch and tracer. Images can be effectively faded as black, overlap and window wipe. The pictures are vivid and true to life. The effect is therefore quite stunning.If one is looking for more compact sized cameras with all the required features then the pocket digital camcorder is the best option. The LCD monitor is replaced by the viewfinder and the image can be zoomed up to 8x. It has an integrated memory and video input too. There is a rotating display form and CMOS sensor. It has a sensor resolution of 5 pixels. The multi media card and secure digital card can be supported. The special effects also include black and white, sepia and negative. All these features are found in a device that is as light as 160 grams.

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